Mt. Gilead Friends Retreat

3355 N. Mt. Gilead Rd., Bloomington, IN 47408 - (please send email to request phone number)


There is that near you which will guide you;
oh, wait for it and be sure you keep to it.
-Isaac Penington


Mt. Gilead Friends Retreat provides a sanctuary, rooted in Quaker tradition, for all who seek renewal drawing upon the inspiration of nature.

The Retreat lies seven miles northeast of Bloomington, Indiana, on sixty acres of wooded hills laced by streams.

A growing community of volunteers at Mt. Gilead believes that nature is a source of renewal and inspiration, and that we are called to model practices of simple living and environmentally sound habitation.

Daytime retreats for individuals and small groups as well as overnight retreats for one or two people lend ways to affirm our connection with the land and with the Divine.

By sitting…I mean something like reverence,
a respectful waiting, a deep attentiveness to
forces much greater than our own.
- Scott Sanders