Mt. Gilead Friends Retreat

3355 N. Mt. Gilead Rd., Bloomington, IN 47408 - (please send email to request phone number)

The Hermitage

The Hermitage Experience

The hermitage is a secluded cabin designed to accommodate one or two people. It is simply furnished with a single bed, futon, desk, and rocking chair. The porch on the east and south sides offers impressive views of the creek valley and adjacent ravine. The hermitage has a wood stove for heat with a back-up propane furnace. While it has no electricity, we provide a camp stove and lamp. We also deliver water for drinking and cooking. The cabin includes a small bathroom with a composting toilet.

What do I do on retreat?
The retreat experience is unique for each person. It may be a time for reading, meditation, deep reflection, or prayer. Walking the trails or exploring the meandering creeks may bring you into a deeper connection with the Divine and foster a sense of peace and acceptance. The benches along the trails encourage opportunities for a mindful approach to life, one in which there is plenty of time to savor simple pleasures. Creative activities such as painting, drawing, or writing may also allow you to experience the Divine in unexpected ways.

Will I have anyone to talk to about my retreat? 
While some people choose to bring a friend or partner with them, others prefer to use the hermitage alone. In this time alone, many people are comforted by the sense of extended conversations with God. To deepen awareness of the Divine in your life, you may also choose to meet with a spiritual director.

What should I bring? 
Just as you seek to unclutter your mind while on retreat, it is a good idea to bring as little as possible. Pack lightly, including appropriate shoes for hiking or creek walks. You may also wish to bring some inspirational readings, a journal, and art materials. You will need to bring your own sheets or sleeping bag and towel as well as your own food. Blankets and pillow are provided along with dishes and basic cooking utensils.

What is the cost and how do I contact you? 
Our fees for an overnight retreat are $73. Reservations can be made through AirBnb by clicking here.  For more information or with any questions, please contact Mt. Gilead Friends Retreat by phone (812-332-4074) or email: 

If you would like to obtain a brochure with the following information about the hermitage, or have one sent to a friend, let us know.