Mt. Gilead Friends Retreat

3355 N. Mt. Gilead Rd., Bloomington, IN 47408 - (812) 332-4074 -


Board of Directors

Jennifer Barber, Clerk

Elaine Emmi

Phillip Emmi

James Farmer

Sara Farmer

Beverly Mishler

Suzanne Sturgeon

Advisory Board

Jennifer Barber

Donna Eder

James Farmer

Chris Haynes

Jay Roberts

Marcie Roberts

Carole Spencer

Janette Shetter

William Shetter

Amanda Thrasher

New possibilities...

Do you have an idea for enhancing Mt. Gilead? Board members want to support volunteers’ energy and creativity, but since we’re a small organization, it’s important that we consider early-on how new activities will support our mission and impact our resources. Please share your idea by contacting the board clerk, Jennifer Barber at 812-841-1932, or feel free to attend a board meeting the 2nd Thursday of each month from 6-8pm at the Bloomington Friends Meetinghouse.